About Us

Future Forwarding is a privately held freight forwarder in business since 1977 focused on our people and our client partnerships because we believe that when we are positive contributors to our clients’ growth, we will grow with them. Freight forwarders and Customs brokers use identical airlines, shipping lines and Customs services in every country on the planet. This means that we all move our goods and trade by the same rules. Shippers, therefore, need to identify the traits that elevate the companies they choose to work with.At Future Forwarding, our PEOPLE are our difference. We hear it over and over again in the testimonials from our customers.

Defying industry norms, we keep our people for decades because we have created a family culture where everyone works together recognising that our customers and our partners are the most important people in our professional world.


We’re not a company that gets caught up in numbers, but those are figures that we are proud to share as evidence of our commitment to our people, and our people’s commitment to us.

Coupled with our global network of overseas agents whom we have hand-selected and are like-minded in their approach to customer service and carrier selection, Future Forwarding makes a compelling case for being your logistics partner.

Future Forwarding is proud to have four facilities in major commercial centres of the UK; Leeds, London Heathrow, Manchester Airport and Sheffield.

Leeds Head Office

  • Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and an ideal location for our corporate headquarters.
  • We have been in this facility since 2009 and offer import and export services by ocean and road.
  • Directors and accounts are based here.
  • Onsite warehouse is where our experienced staff load and unload shipping containers.
  • The entire facility is monitored by CCTV insuring maximum security for your cargo.

Manchester Airport:

  • Located in the Cargo Village, we provide air freight export and import services.
  • Led by a thirty-year plus manager with experience handling all types of cargo.
  • Certified to handle dangerous goods.
  • Part of the UK Aviation Security Programme.
  • Export packing solutions.
  • Logistics services to all industries.
  • Project forwarding services.

London Heathrow:

  • Located at one of the busiest airports in the world.
  • Handle inbound and outbound air freight, including ULD’s.
  • Dangerous goods certified.
  • Participants in the UK Aviation Security Programme.
  • Export packing solutions.
  • Project forwarding services.

Future Forwarding UK Lorry

Future Forwarding UK

Future Forwarding UK